Trace Project

TRacking Agrocultural Conditions and Environment

Currently, there are online fruit and vegetable markets which support contact, negotiation and sales processes between producers and buyers. These platforms allow online business interaction, but they have shortcomings as well. A major downside of such platforms is that advertised goods are presented with very little information, such as a description and a photo. This does not give enough information to the potential buyer and poses a risk that different goods will be delivered.

Panonit’s platform aims to cover all basic features, but also to include hard data to support the negotiation process. Based on actual microclimate data coming from the specific field, a potential buyer can have more information, in the form of reports, about the products and know what quality of goods to expect. This benefits both types of users – the seller of the goods can achieve a higher price and buyer is more convinced in the quality of goods he is buying.

With Panonit’s solutions for continuous and remote monitoring of soil and microclimate parameters of interest for agricultural production (PanSense) everyone is able to verify conditions in which the product grew before purchase and therefore have additional element of reliability of the business deal. The platform allows them to find goods according to their needs, to negotiate quantities and price, as well as to purchase the goods. Another convenient feature for this group of users is implemented through an algorithms which can suggest potential business partners based on their preferences and past purchases. This segment is developed by the usage of data mining techniques to enhance the user experience and assist producers and buyers in finding an appropriate business partner. For example, based on buyer’s past searches, similar producers, with similar production conditions, could be suggested and shown as top results. The platform also supports ranking of the buyer and seller based on the reliability and quality. As a result more reliable users will be ranked higher in the results.