Automatic weather station

Knowing what affects your crops in the micro-environment of your vineyard/orchard/field is the way of the future.

Our remote sensing devices enable winemakers, fruit growers and farmers to measure and track all the important meteorological parameters affecting plant development, yields and disease prevention in the field. The state-of-the-art accuracy and precision of the measurements, provided by our innovative IT solution, means that you can irrigate, spray and fertilize more efficiently. Taking soil moisture measurements and determining parameters such as leaf wetness in your field has never been easier, providing you with a complete overview of the situation, in real time, from your office.

Applications include smart irrigation management, disease models and notifications and field book diary.

Benefits for big and small producers

Our weather stations help to reduce the cost of resources like water, chemicals, fertilizer, manual work and time.

Based on precise information coming from remote stations, you can make decisions regarding irrigation, fertilization and disease prevention and spend resources only where and when needed.

Disease models

Using data like precipitation, leaf wetness, air temperature, and humidity coming from your field, our software checks and notifies when conditions are favorable for the development of the most important grape, fruit, vegetable, and grain diseases. You will be informed and thus you will be able to react and prevent the onset of disease in a timely manner. 

Available sensors

You can configure your device using following sensors: soil moisture, soil temperature, air humididty, air temperature, wind direction and speed, precipitation, leaf wetness, solar radiation, UV radiation.

In case you need help choosing the right sensor combination or you need a custom solution, do not hesitate to contact us!

State-of-the-art accuracy

Reliable and accurate measurements are required for our disease models functioning and irrigation scheduling.

That is the reason why our stations are equipped with quality Decagon and Davis sensors. You will be informed and thus you will be able to react and prevent the onset of disease in a timely manner.

Improved quality of the product

As a result of the optimal use of disease prevention aids, your product is healthier and yields improved.

You can share the data about the conditions in which the crops are grown with your customers and reap direct benefits of growing healthier products.

Irrigation automation

Our system can enable you to act on your irrigation/fertilization decisions remotely and instantly and provide monitoring of parameters such as irrigation pressure, applied water volume and injected fertilizer concentration.

Access your data anywhere and anytime

Using a web and mobile application you can access the data on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Most important notifications are shown on applications or sent to mobile phones via text messages.

Web application

The web application is used to display notifications and manage the field diary. All the data can be exported for analysis in popular formats like xls or xml. The application displays the minimum, maximum, or average sensor data.

Mobile application

The mobile application for Android devices is simple and intuitive and allows users to see current values for all sensors as well as graphical trends for the last 7 days.

Protect crops and cut costs

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