PanonIT Code Academy

Start a Career in IT


Are you interested in starting a career in the IT industry? 

There is no better way than to start learning and improving your IT knowledge and skills.


Where to start? 

Try PanonIT Code Academy where our competent lecturers are more than happy to share their knowledge and experience. 


What to expect? 

PanonIT Code Academy provides:

Face to face and/or online regular courses at SmartInIT 

Pre-recorded video courses at our regional Online Programming Courses platform


Our courses are available online - improve your career opportunities from anywhere in the world!




What can I learn here? 

Basics of Programming

Advanced Programming

Web Development - Frontend

Web Development - Backend

Software Testing

Mobile App Development - Android 


New courses are regularly introduced based on market interests and needs.



What comes next? 

Continue improving your skills in our more advanced courses

Apply for a (new) job 


Hard-working students who show a strong desire to learn and progress might be offered an internship and/or employment at PanonIT


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