Update Your Legacy System With Our Specialised Team 



What is a Legacy System?


A legacy system is outdated computer software and/or hardware that is still in use as it still meets the needs of its original design. However, it does not allow growth since the system’s old technology does not enable it to interact with newer systems.



Why do Companies Keep Using Legacy Systems?


Although companies are offered the latest capabilities and services such as cloud computing and better data integration, some still continue using a legacy system due to some of the following reasons:


    Cost factors to change the systems
    Some companies cite the problem that they cannot migrate to other systems and technologies for operational reasons
    Others claim that the migration is not worth the damage that can occur during the transition


A lot of corporate data is stored on legacy systems. Thus, as these systems are still commonly used by companies and clients, the data has to be protected, maintained and secured from any issues. 




Should Your Company Outsource Legacy Systems Maintenance?


Outsourcing software and systems maintenance is the easiest and usually a less expensive option to increase your company’s IT maturity level. This gives your team the opportunity to commit to R&D, innovation, and business activities while the outsourced team deals with the maintenance. It will benefit your company by allowing it to develop and achieve higher productivity levels and, at the same time, decrease IT costs. Here at PanonIT we supply our clients with quality software maintenance services as our team can proactively deal with the maintenance of your current software and systems:

Maintenance and Support

PanonIT maintenance and support services include: 

Adaptive maintenance and support - we can help your company make the required modifications and revisions to its current software including bug fixing, development of new features, migration.

Corrective maintenance and support - our team is here to fix logical, coding, and design errors in your systems.

Perfective maintenance and support - PanonIT will examine your software for required modifications, rectifications, editing, deletions, additions, and enhancements. If we estimate that it is necessary and you agree, we will provide software reengineering.

Preventive maintenance - our team will prepare your software for future business requirements based on past incidents and your feedback. 

Legacy System Migration

Legacy migration is a challenge for many organizations. However, with the help of professional developers, this does not have to be a problem. PanonIT team helps companies update their products using innovative technologies and thus offer their clients new opportunities for their companies’ growth.






Legacy System Integration

When your company starts growing and expanding, you are likely to face a problem of legacy system integration with new technologies. As old systems are mostly fragile and difficult to integrate, it is best to leave this process to experienced professionals. Our software developers will handle legacy integration with minimal disruptions to your business. 






Software Support Services

While retaining the data and processes that legacy systems and programs were originally designed to capture and support, these systems and programs have to be integrated with the emerging ones at the same time. PanonIT legacy system support is scalable to the requirements of clients and their programs.






Software Development

A lot of companies are now opting for outsourcing offshore software developers and consultants to relieve their own developers of maintaining legacy software so that they themselves can focus on R&D and innovations. Find out more about our Software Development services here.









Why PanonIT?


Our staff keeps track of the best application software maintenance practices in order to make your software robust and secure. PanonIT team has extensive knowledge and experience in maintenance services:



Professional Evaluation

Some companies are not sure if they should maintain using their existing legacy codebases, upgrade their systems, or completely transform their source codes. PanonIT will evaluate the quality of your current code and taking into account your company’s goals and needs, we will advise on the best solution for your business

Legacy Codebase Solutions

Upon the aforementioned assessment, PanonIT will implement the agreed solution fast. Our software development team has the right tools and skill set necessary for legacy software support.

Quality and Availability

PanonIT has a good resource pool of software developers, IT support teams, and business analysts who are ready to start implementing the agreed project activities. Our support is designed specifically for each project and our team responds to all queries promptly.                                                                                                                            

We Speak Your Language

Understanding technical terms may be challenging for some clients. That is why we try to offer our clients clear explanations they can easily understand. In addition, our professionals speak English so the language barrier will not impede our cooperation.

Reduce Costs

Outsourcing helps reduce capital expenditure costs thus freeing up your capital for investment spending and positively impacting operating costs. Your management can now easily devote their time and effort to the core business and generating profits. 




We provide legacy technology maintenance to clients so that the existing technologies and systems can work in the current mode and in compliance with the clients’ needs. Furthermore, we can:

    Ensure that a seamless maintenance procedure is accommodated
    Make your systems user-friendly and modern
    Provide data cleansing in the old legacy systems for better utilization
    Help with database, platform, and technology migrations



PanonIT will secure smooth operations of your legacy systems thus enabling your business to thrive. 


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