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We offer a wide range of embedded services to suit our clients’ specific requirements and ideas. From custom firmware, low-level programming to building high-quality user interfaces, and dealing with connectivity challenges, PanonIT is your ideal embedded software partner. We can provide software development for different sectors. Our skilled software engineers, architects, and testers are experienced in both working with existing teams and taking the lead on your new project.



PanonIT Embedded Software


We take a quality-oriented approach to our embedded software development processes. Additionally, we use adaptable Lean-Agile practices thus incorporating elements of continuous delivery and improvement. Specify the system software and we will deliver it working on your hardware. Our deep and vast experience in embedded system development, together with technical expertise, enables us to adapt, extend, and optimize software to best fit our clients’ exact requirements. 





Custom Hardware Design and Development

PanonIT designs fully customized architectures for your embedded systems. Our expert team of engineers analyzes each project to identify what is feasible of our client’s idea. By listening carefully to the demands and needs of our clients, we meticulously implement all their technical specificities.  







PanonIT specializes in fully customized architectures for embedded systems with a focus on high-end and commercial or consumer-grade embedded hardware design services. 

 Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design

► Complex programmable logic device (CPLD) and a system-on-a-chip (SoC) based design

► Schematics and Gerber File Generation

► Analog and Digital signal interfaces

► RS232 communication



► BT

► WiFi

► GPRS, GSM, and Satellite modems




Internet of Things (IoT)

Our experts’ vast experience and knowledge of different aspects of the development process enable us to implement IoT projects of any complexity. PanonIT teams are here to successfully organize various projects and activities, from the short-term R&D project activities to ongoing long-term development, support, and maintenance of custom software. 


PanonIT provides:






Full-cycle firmware development service for all IoT devices from requirements definition to architecture design and implementation. Our service includes kernel porting, development, and adjustment of modules for various peripheral hardware components.


Middleware development for IoT systems offering middleware solutions such as web servers and services, infrastructure libraries, integration to ensure stable and secure connections between field IoT devices, data processing software, and user applications.


Human machine interfaces (HMI) - PanonIT teams can develop and design custom P2M interface, control displays, and touch panels thus ensuring all important data is available at any time. The use of these interfaces enables you to send commands, collect information, or control the operation of smart devices.

End-user applications - As monitoring of IoT devices is essential, PanonIT experts will implement interactive user-interfaces and real-time dashboards using the latest web and mobile technologies. 





PanonIT offers expertise and experience in IoT development and we use the following IoT technologies:


 Wireless technologies: 802.11, 802.15.4, Zigbee, Bluetooth, GSM, LTE

► Network technologies: Ethernet, CAN, rs485/rs422/rs232, 1-wire, i2c, SPI

► Web service technologies: SOAP, REST, WSDL, XML, JSON, UDDI, WebSockets

► TCP/IP protocols: Sockets, IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, ICMP, QOS, SNMP, IMAP, POP3, IPMI, etc.

► Mobile technologies: Android SDK, Qt, iOS SDK, Objective C, Java, Swift

► Protocol technologies: HTTP, JMS, AMQP, D-Bus

► Authorization and authentication technologies: Oauth2, LDAP

► Platforms and CPU architectures: ARM, X86, PowerPC, AVR, PIC

► Program languages: Java, C/C++, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, ASM, Bash


Would you like to find out what IoT devices has PanonIT developed?

Check out CardioNS, PanonIT’s mobile multifuncional ECG device. If you are concerned about your crop yields, consider our remote automatic weather station PanSense that measures and tracks important meteorological data.  




Board Support Package (BSP)

We design BSPs to enable the interface between different system components. Our experts specialize in different operating systems and thus PanonIT BSPs are compatible with Windows, Linux, UNIX, Windows mobile platforms, Embedded Linux platforms, Architectures like ARM.








Embedded Firmware Development

PanonIT provides the following firmware development for embedded systems:

 Firmware development for high-end microcontrollers

► Custom based solutions for remote embedded system development

► MODBUS programming

► Socket programming

► Modem based wireless application development

► GPS based application development



What Can PanonIT Do for You?

PanonIT delivers high-quality system software solutions on time, on budget, and to your specifications. We will help improve your business development efficiency, reduce project risks, and free up time and your other resources so that you can focus on innovations and profitability. Our teams exercise and test all software subsystems on the target hardware to ensure the best possible fit and help minimize potential issues. In addition, once PanonIT delivers the solution, we remain at your disposal for any kind of support, optimization, and maintenance. 



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