CropsIT Advanced Diagnostics

Plant disease recognition for mobile devices

Most plant diseases have patterns that can be visually recognized. CropsIT is an Android mobile application that detects plant diseases based on a leaf image and provides highly accurate results, thanks to the classifier created using machine learning algorithms.

CropsIT provides information about detected pathogens, adequate treatment and store location.

Awesome Features

Real-time Results

Just press the diagnose button after you take a picture and see the results in real time.

Product Suggestion

Based on your geographic location the app will recommend a suitable treatment that can easily be purchased in your area.

Accurate Detection

Our AI software makes a correct detection in 94% of the time.

Track History

Your past queries are safely stored in our database so that you can review them later.

Search Trends

With the nearby trends feature, you are able to see the disease occurrences in your nearby surroundings.

App Growth

We are constantly working on bettering the app by making it more accurate and increasing pathogen support.

It's Free!

As we genuinely care for nature and our clients, PanonIT offers CropsIT completely free of charge.  

CropsIT Mission

Our mission is to provide reliable plant disease detection with the usage of smartphones only. 
The solution that we have developed is a product of artificial intelligence. 
Leaf diseases are recognized by a classifier based on deep neural networks.

What about Vision?

Our vision is to empower anyone to simply take a photo of a leaf and almost instantly receive information about the infected crop along with the necessary steps for treatment.

Increase your crop yields with CropsIT

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