Research Projects

Research is the essence of creating new knowledge and growth. For us, it plays an integral part of our everyday work.

At PanonIT, we dedicate time to research.  We are constantly improving our knowledge level in the field of information and communication technologies; with the goal to master the latest trends to enable us to provide customers with superior products and services. 

Independently, and with partners, we have been participating in a number of international and scientific projects over the last ten years. With more than a decade of experience in research and development, our team of PhDs and engineers have significant academic contributions through the numerous published papers in well respected journals and conferences in the area of machine learning, deep learning and data mining.

PanonIT’s research experience consists of information and communication systems, image and video processing, video streaming, computer vision, data mining and machine learning, electronic devices prototyping, embedded systems programming, neural networks and their application including deep learning as state of the art science field

Below we have listed some of our international and scientific projects that we have done independently and with our partners over the last decade. 


University Of Strathclyde - Glasgow - Scotland - UK

University of Strathclyde

Spanish National Research Council - Madrid - Spain

Spanish National Research Council

University of Novi Sad - Serbia

University of Novi Sad

University of Szeged - Szeged - Hungary

University of Szeged

University of Žilina - Slovakia

University of Žilina

Ramboll Limited - London - UK

Ramboll UK

Scheidt & Bachmann - Slovakia

Scheidt & Bachmann Slovakia

McGill - Montreal - Quebec - Canada


University of Sydney - Sydney - Australia

University of Sydney

Florida Atlantic University - Boca Raton - Florida - USA

Florida Atlantic University

University of Trento - Trento - Italy

University of Trento

Institute of cardiovascular diseases Vojvodina - Sremska Kamenica - Serbia

Institute of cardiovascular diseases Vojvodina

The Cyprus Institute - Nicosia - Cyprus

The Cyprus Institute

RT-RK Institute for Computer Based Systems - Novi Sad - Serbia

RT-RK Institute for Computer Based Systems

BioIRC - Bioengineering Research and Development Center - Kragujevac - Serbia

BioIRC - Bioengineering Research and Development Center

Tongji University - Shanghai - P.R. China

Tongji University

National Institute of Informatics - Tokyo - Japan

National Institute of Informatics

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