AI Development

AI Powered Development Service

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence is the term given to a system that can learn. Learning means memory and the ability to self-adapt. Self-adaption is the key to making a system autonomous and Machine Learning is what gives us this power. 


So what is Machine Learning? 

Machine Learning (ML) is the process of identifying relationships between data and real world problems, identifying the value of data types, and continuously applying modifications to key factors in decision making trees based on continuously incoming data. The constant iteration of relevant data and learning from historical data allows the fine-tuning and accuracy only machines can accomplish.


Here at PanonIT, we use cutting edge AI and ML to help build better solutions. Our solutions for healthcare, agronomy, economy have all been built with state-of-the-art machine and deep learning algorithms, methods and tools which are capable to develop smart software that recognizes the features, patterns and objects of interests within the video, images and written content.

Today AI and ML offers unparalleled opportunities for any business owner. Leveraging AI into your enterprise isn’t difficult, because the adoption process is quite fast, and the usage of AI is extremely convenient. Before making a decision, many entrepreneurs conduct a feasibility analysis to evaluate what value the enterprise will gain from the use of AI. In any such case, PanonIT can assist you with this journey.