Who We Are

Meet Our Company

We specialize in classical software product development, electronic device production and solutions which cover a range of industries, such as precision agriculture, smart healthcare and smart cities.

In addition to our own products, we have emerged as an Offshore Outsourcing company - providing tailored solutions to clients globally.

We are committed to our products and services being constantly improved and are always following fresh developments and trends in IT.

We provide high quality research and development services in the fields of computer vision and machine learning. Our expertise is supported by university background and our long professional experience in developing various software for computer vision and machine learning.

Our solutions cover a wide range of applications: from intelligent video surveillance, over video quality assessment, neural networks based classifications, video conferencing to data mining and big-data analysis.

Our team of over 150 employees is made up of professionals with distinct specialties and gives us the capacity to react to distinct requirements.The team is led by experienced and highly-trained professionals, able to work together with your team to create the best solutions for your specific problem.

Our engineers are specialized in:

    Software Engineering
    Signal Processing
    Computer Science
    Information and Communication Systems
    Enterprise Application Integration
    Computer Vision
    Machine Learning
    Microcontroller Hardware Development

We are certified according to ISO standards